Notturno - Original Score - (Clear Acid Green Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Goblin

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Led at the time by Fabio Pignatelli (bass), Maurizio Guarini (keyboards) and Antonio Marangolo (saxophone), with the precious contribution of Derek Wilson (drums) and Marco Rinalduzzi (guitar) Ð from the line-up that had just recorded ÒVoloÓ Ð Goblin composed the music for ÒNotturnoÓ already at the end of 1981, upon request by the RAI TV producers. The recorded material was then selected by Cinevox, that only in Ô83 published the filmÕs soundtrack on LP: given the poor success of the film, also the soundtrack album went virtually unnoticed.
It was a pity, because Goblin here returned to work in a field where they almost have no competitors, that of music for films, creating a work that is tense and melancholic at the same time, combining jazz-rock and fusion with the sounds of the early Ô80s; tension, however Ð which canÕt be missed in a spy movie Ð is always delivered by the soundtrack rock component. The essence of GoblinÕs music is completely enclosed in the beautiful ÒNocturneÓ, an opening track that swings among echoes of Ô007Õ, references to the ÒZombi / Dawn of the DeadÓ OST, energetic guitar riffs and synthesizers that dialogue with the keyboards. Limited Edition Acid Green Vinyl

Track Listing
1. Nocturne
2. Bass Theme
3. Landing Strip
4. Helycopter
5. Nocturne (Take 6)
6. Nocturne (Take 7)
7. Helycopter (Reprise)
8. Est
9. Landing Strip (Reprise)
10. Nocturne (Take 1)