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Nightbreed - Original Score - (Blood Splatter Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Danny Elfman

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Waxwork Records and Morgan Creek are proud to present the deluxe LP re-issue of Danny Elfman√ïs score to CLIVE BARKER√ïS NIGHTBREED. Long out of print and prohibitively expensive, the original soundtrack release of NIGHTBREED has become a sought after collectable LP for horror fans and vinyl soundtrack enthusiasts alike.
Waxwork Records and Morgan Creek have partnered to release the NIGHTBREED soundtrack as a deluxe re-issue vinyl.
LP package featuring re-mastered audio, incredible full package artwork by Rich Kelly, 180 gram colored vinyl, and high quality packaging. 
Fans of Clive Barker, horror, soundtracks, and vinyl can now look no further for an overpriced, out of print version of this remarkable, classic score by the legendary Danny Elfman. This is the attainable, super high standard real deal straight from the depths of Midian.
Track Listing
Side A
1. Main Titles / Dream Ð 3:43
2. Carnival Underground Ð 3:25
3. Into Midian / Meat For The Beast Ð 4:43
4. Resurrection
Suite / Boone Transforms - 4:32
5. The Initiation / Scalping Time Ð 4:45
6. RachelÕs Oratory / Party In The Past - 1:56

Side B
1. Poor Babette / UhÑOhÉDecker! - 3:20
2. ÒThen DonÕt Say It!Ó - 1:29
3. Boone Gets A Taste Ð 2:45
4. Breed Love Ð 1:03
5. Mayhem In Midian Ð 1:43
6. BaphometÕs Chamber Ð 2:01
7. Farewell / 2nd Chance Ð 2:32
8. End Credits Ð 4:31
9. Country Skin √ê 4:12