Night Of The Creeps - Complete Score - Barry De Vorzon

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Original soundtrack from Fred Dekker sci-fi/horror tale with Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Tom Atkins. Barry DeVorzon works within confines of limited budget synthesizer scoring but seems inspired by project, creates unique palette of material both eerie, tonal. While intense timbres do make appearances, overall mood remains sparser, less frightening than it is, for lack of better word... creepy. Another nice touch: DeVorzon keeps much of score in tonal or at least harmonically neutral territory rather than relying on overt dissonance. Ideas are lean but composed with nods to symphonic structure. Synthesized effects supporting actual "creeps" in movie run under several cues, link others. Fresh, interesting addition to synthesizer scoring of 1980's horror genre! Detailed liner notes by Daniel Schweiger provide considerable insights to movie, director Dekker, composer DeVorzon. Barry DeVorzon composes, produces, with additional music by Doug Timm. Limited edition of 2000 units.
Track Listing
Main Title (3:32)
The Axe Man Cometh (1:15)
I√ïm Your Bud (:37)    
Cylo Lab / ItÕs Alive (2:42)
Thrill MeÕs Dream (:53)
CindyÕs Scream (3:43)
Done With An Axe (:33)
Screaming Like Banshees (1:23)
Zombie Cat / Zombie (:)
The Bathroom Stall (2:38)
Will You Go With Me? (1:12)
I Took My Twelve Gauge / Return Of The Axe Man (2:15)
I Already Killed You (2:06)
WhatÕs The Tux For?* (1:08)
J.C.ÕS Last Note (3:10)
Zombie Dog / Turned Over Bus / ZombieÕs Break Out (1:44)
March Of The Zombies (5:42)
The Count Down* (3:12)
End Credit Suite (4:18)
* contains sound effects
Bonus Score Tracks:
The Bathroom Stall (no overlay) (2:38)
The Count Down (alternate) (3:39)
ÒSmoke Gets In Your EyesÓ (2:40)
Written by Jerome Kern and Otto A. Harbach
Performed by The Platters
ÒThe StrollÓ (2:30)
Written by Nancy Lee and Clyde Otis
Performed by The Diamonds
ÒNightmaresÓ (4:39)
Written by Martha Davis and Kevin M. Gilbert
Performed by C-Spot Run
ÒSolitudeÓ (4:08)
Written by Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Eddie Delangie
Arrangement by Barry DeVorzon
An Interview with Barry DeVorzon (8:46)