Near Dark - Original Score - Limited Edition - Tangerine Dream


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The producers of the film had succeeded in making a unique vampire film and were intent on hiring someone to produce music for the film that also would not sound like a typical vampire film. They turned to the German electronic band Tangerine Dream. At the time of NEAR DARK, Tangerine Dream’s line up consisted of Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke, and Paul Haslinger, who collaborated equally on composing and performing all of their music. Coming out of ambient electronic rock, Tangerine Dream’s music is characterized by progressive atmospheres, although in later film projects such as LEGEND, they would begin to experiment more with melodic structures. Their music for NEAR DARK is primarily based on ambiance and tempo, with an emphasis on minimalistic riffing and slowly developed rhythm pads which are built up with progressive layers of electronic and acoustic instrumentation.
Track Listing
1. Caleb’s Blues 3:16
2. Pick Up At High Noon 4:59
3. Rain In The Third House 2:56
4. Bus Station 8:40
5. Good Times 2:36
6. She’s My Sister 7:19
7. Mae Comes Back 2:008. Father And Son 2:55
9. Severin Dies 2:47
10. Fight At Dawn 4:38
11. Mae’s Transformation 4:18

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