Nate & Hayes - 2 x CD Complete Score - Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones adventure masterpiece gets greatly-expanded 2-CD treatment! Ferdinand Fairfax directs rousing pirate swashbuckler, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael OÕKeefe play titular roles with plenty of sword-wielding pizzazz, Jenny Seagrove offers romantic interest, Max Phipps & Grant Tilly provide sinister conflict, Paramount Pictures presents. Trevor Jones adds to legendary pantheon of nautical period adventure scores with colorful seafaring symphonic score of his own! Anchored by sweeping main theme, first heard in fragments during lengthy opening sequence then in full for initial action sequence (ÒEscape From Mumi Village Pt. 1Ó), this bright energetic idea balances major harmonies with minor, moves at a rapid pace and literally sails with the wind! Jones also offers a warm love theme, also unfurling with a degree of forward motion, which serves as both music for romantic scenes and as the ÒBÓ theme in the midst of the primary theme. Jones also devotes significant attention to lively, rhythmic action material with emphasis on jagged, aggressive rhythms in the brass. Following his success with The Dark Crystal, composer Jones brings huge scope to his dynamic score with rich melody, accessible harmony and thundering action. Lively stuff! A previous album was made available, providing 40-minutes of well-chosen highlights. Jones scored almost 80-minutes of music plus another 15 minutes of additional alternate and source material. Intrada presents all of it, dividing it between the 79-minute score on CD 1, the additional music on CD 2. The ÒMain Theme From Nate And Hayes (Overture)Ó, identified as such on the verbal slates present on the masters (albeit no overture appears in the film) is actually a literal reprise of the initial action cue mentioned above and appears on CD 2 as a rousing opener to the extras. The entire 2-CD set is presented from the 2-track stereo mixes provided by Paramount. Everything Jones recorded for the picture is present with just two cues displaying a small degree of wear and tear - though even these remain reasonably crisp and dynamic. Nearly 40 minutes of new highlights are far too numerous to highlight, though spotlight should go to opening sequence where titles first appear, vivid sacrifice music and numerous smaller cues surrounding pirate Bully Hayes imprisonment. Colorful Òflipper-styleÓ booklet design by Kay Marshall, compelling notes by Frank K. DeWald add to adventuresome atmosphere as well. Trevor Jones composes and produces, Marcus Dods conducts, London Symphony Orchestra performs.

Track Listing

CD 1
01. Opening Titles (5:17)
02. Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 1 (1:29)
03. Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 2 (1:22)
04. Hayes Fights Mumi Women On Bridge (2:04)
05. Hayes Captured (0:24)
06. Hayes Commences His Story (0:40)
07. Hayes' And Sophie's Pact (1:53)
08. Sophie Disembarks (0:41)
09. The Parting (1:46)
10. The Veranda At Night (0:55)
11. The Rona Turns About (Original) (0:30)
12. Pease Attacks Village (4:00)
13. Ruined Village (1:38)
14. Nate Sails Off (Revised) (1:43)
15. Hayes Returns To Mission Island (0:59)
16. German March (0:21)
17. SophieÕs Escape Foiled By Omar (1:15)
18. Nate Stranded (0:57)
19. Arrival At Samoa (1:37)
20. Hayes & Crew Disembark At Samoa (2:00)
21. Hotel Ð Version 1 (1:27)
22. Hotel Ð Version 2 (1:25)
23. Chase Through Hotel (2:07)
24. Fong Kills Scotsman (2:30)
25. Hayes And Men Overpower Pease Crew (2:12)
26. Chase To The Gunboat (1:07)
27. The Stolen Leonora Sets Sail For Ponape (0:35)
28. Nate & Hayes Seal Their Friendship (1:17)
29. Arrival At Ponape Palace (1:33)
30. Nate & Hayes Arrive In Ponape (1:01)
31. The Sacrifice (5:24)
32. Escape From Ponape (1:50)
33 Gunboat Pursues The Leonora (4:04)
34. Leonora Waits In Ambush (2:05)
35. Gunboat Is Boarded (2:00)
36. Gunboat Is Paralyzed (2:01)
37. Sword Fight (2:17)
38. Pease Prepares To Fire On The Leonora (1:42)
39. Victory (1:15)
40. Walk To The Gallows (0:57)
41. Escape From Prison (2:10)
42. End Credits (4:30)
CD 1 Total Time: 78:29

CD 2
The Extras
01. Main Theme From Nate And Hayes (Overture) (1:28)
02. Escape From Mumi Village (Film Edit) (1:28)
03. The Rona Turns About (Alternate) (0:30)
04. The Rona Turns About Ð Revised (Film Version) (1:04)
05. Ethnic Percussion Ð 1 (1:55)
06. Ethnic Percussion Ð 2 (3:23)
07. Ethnic Percussion Ð 3 (3:19)
08. The Sacrifice (Alternate Percussion) (3:22)
CD 2 Total Time: 16:40