Morricone Uncovered - Original Scores - Ennio Morricone

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It is very rare and quite exciting when two extraordinary and successful people come together with their amazing talents and combine them to create something unique that has never been explored before. Music from treasured movies, now for the first time covered and presented with lyrics. A living legend, a Maestro and his inimitable music. This album features 15 movie themes composed by film scoring legend Ennio Morricone, who has sold millions of records that have been arranged and produced by award winning arrangers and producers Giovanni Lodigiani, Francesco Morettini and Luca Angelosanti. World-renowned 'Queen of Popera' Romina Arena (with 4 million sold albums to her name) wrote original lyrics to them and performs the songs in her marvelous trademark voice. Accompanied by the Budafoki Dohn nyi Orchestra. The expansive booklet also features original artwork, created by Hungarian artist Melinda Surga.
Track Listing
1. Ti Ho Amato
2. What Can I Do
3. Il Cuore Mio Mi Corazon
4. The Woman in Me
5. Saying Goodbye
6. Gioco D'amore
7. Solo Noi
8. Ritornerai Dolce Amore
9. Return to Me
10. Le Vent Et Le Cri
11. E Un Attimo
12. Requiem of Love
13. Il Tempo Sa
14. Morir D'amore
15. Se Non Fossi Tu