Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – 2 x CD Complete – Special Edition – Michael Giacchino


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The complete score to one of the most exciting entries in the Mission Impossible series, Ghost Protocol. Composed by award winning composer Michael Giacchino. The score to Ghost Protocol is very much in the vein of Danny Elfman’s original score, but the use of a larger orchestra really does provide a simply fantastic composition. This 2CD complete score from Spain now restores many of the missing score, including some simply brilliant action cues, extended and alternate tracks, to create a worthy and fantastic addition to the franchise.

Track Listing

Disc 1
1.Paramount Logo Version 5 (0:26)
2.Paramount Logo Version 6 (0:24)
3.Paramount Logo Version 7 (0:25)
4.Give Her My Budapest (2:00)
5.Light The Fuse (1:29)
6.Light The Fuse (Alternate) (2:03)
7.Knife To A Gun Fight (Insert) (3:43)
8.Knife to A Gun Fight (3:43)
9.The Red Codes (0:51)
10.In Russia, Phone Dials You (1:49)
11.Kremlin With Anticipation (Insert) (5:08)
12.Kremlin With Anticipation (5:08)
13.From Russia With Shove (Insert) (3:47)
14.From Russia With Shove (3:47)
15.Concussion The Fall (3:16)
16.Leonid’s Family Vacation (1:13)
17.Ghost Protocol (5:04)
18.Railcar Rundown (1:19)
19.Hebdrick’s Manifesto (3:24)
20.A Man, A Plan, A Code Dubai (Alternate) (2:44)
21.A Man, A Plan, A Code Dubai (2:46)
22.The Power Glove (0:59)
23.The Power Glove (Alternate) (0:59)
24.Love The Glove (4:05)
25.Love The Glove (Alternate) (3:54)
Disc 2
1.The Express Elevator (2:28)
2.The Express Elevator (Alternate) (2:35)
3.Mission Impersonatable (4:07)
4.Mission Impersonatable (Alternate) (4:05)
5.Moreau Trouble Than She’s Worth (7:45)
6.Moreau Trouble Than She’s Worth (Alternate) (7:51)
7.Out For A Run (4:34)
8.Eye Of The Windstrom (1:07)
9.Brandt’s Story (2:08)
10.Tactical Friends (2:53)
11.Sidorov Sellout (0:55)
12.Venge & Revenge (0:54)
13.Mubai’s The Word A (CS Drymix) (2:39)
14.Mubai’s The Word A (CS Wetmi) (2:39)
15.Mubai’s The Word A (Origin) (2:40)
16.Mubai’s The Word B (CS mix) (3:03
17.Mubai’s The Word B (Origin) (3:00)


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