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The complete & expanded version of the 1982 classic thriller. Missing. Composed & Performed by Vangelis. after his huge success of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner. Vangelis again uses his keyborad skills to create one of the most vibrant and engaging of all his scores. This limited edition pressing contains the complete score plus outtakes and alternates. including a colour booklet and liner notes. A fantastic soundtrack and highly recommended. Limited Stock!
Track Listing
1. Main Titles
2. Little Prince
3. Curfew
4. Arrest
5. Flashback
6. Hotel Theme
7. The Hospital
8. Shoes in the Street
9. Arrest Witness
10. Tied to a Chair
11. Flashback
12. To the Airport
13. The Window
14. The Hotel
15. Rooftop Dinner
16. Maxine
17. Hotel Room
18. End Titles
19. Little Prince (Alt)
20. Flashback (Alt)
21. Arrest Witness (Alt)
22. Flashback (Alt)
23. Maxine (Alt)
24. End Titles (Alt)
25. Curfew (Alt)
26. Little Prince ( New Version )

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