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Milano Rovente - Complete Score - Carlo Rustichelli

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A great movie directed by Maestro Umberto Lenzi, hailed everywhere as a real living myth of Italian genre Cinema, Milano Rovente features a great orchestral soundtrack of rare beauty, with melodic themes, jazz and great orchestrations.

Here presented in a plasticized 2 folds DIGIPACK in our brand new limited edition series, is pressed in just 1000 copies numerated with a stamp. Inside a 24x36 cm poster with liner notes, pictures, a small essay dedicated to Maestro Lenzi written by Fabio Babini. Inside the CD you'll have the chance to see an interview to the great director just by playing your CD in a normal personal computer. The interview comes with english subtitles. You can't miss if you love Cinema, good music and of course, if you like to collect original soundtracks!
Track Listing
01. From Sicily to Milan (01:31)
02. Dramatic Discover (01:09)
03. Weird Killer (01:28)
04. Some Girls, Some Murders (02:51)
05. Slow Sad End (01:43)
06. Fly 747 (02:27)
07. What Is This Love (03:11)
08. Remembering a Far Home (01:10)
09. Doggy Fighting (01:30)
10. Vitti 'na crozza (02:15)
11. Girls and Drug (01:42)
12. Flic's Compromise (01:27)
13. Fascinating Jasmine (01:02)
14. Thieving and Thieves (02:14)
15. Running and Hiding (01:16)
16. Just a Bite (01:41)
17. Far From Home Again (01:53)
18. Mainly Slow Theme (01:53)
19. Suite Before End (01:53)
20. Final Struggle (00:47)
21. Still Remembering (02:05)
22. From Milan to Sicily (01:39)
23. From Milan to Sicily (II version) (01:40)