Meteor - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Laurence Rosenthal

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Reissue of dynamic, powerhouse soundtrack by Laurence Rosenthal for thrilling disaster tale from American International, directed by Ronald Neame (who also helmed The Poseidon Adventure), starring Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden, Martin Landau, Brian Keith, Henry Fonda. Laurence Rosenthal takes initial cue from meteor hurtling towards earth, creates massive chords for orchestra augmented by sparkling electronics plus imposing sound of "blaster beam", before instrument achieved recognition in subsequent Star Trek - The Motion Picture released shortly after Meteor. Rosenthal also creates music for Project Hercules missile system designed by Nasa engineer (Connery) to defend earth from meteor attacks, plus Russian theme for Soviet missile system in balance. Dynamic fanfare/march in major-key brings compelling score to rousing finish. Rosenthal actually brought into project at suggestion of John Williams, who was set to score picture but had scheduling challenges. Intrada reissue contains same musical content as pervious La-La Land release albeit slightly different assembly as per composer's supervision. 1/4" two-track stereo tape (later transferred by Intrada to DAT) containing most of score remains all that was ever vaulted of this music. All previous issues (including Japan vinyl edition released in 1979) were prepared from this one precious roll of tape, now presented by Intrada courtesy MGM. If you own LLL release, you have every cue present here. Some changes to actual titles, as per review of composer's manuscripts, clear up minor anomalies on track lists to prior releases. Laurence Rosenthal conducts
Track Listing
01. Main Title (4:26)
02. Challenger Two (2:47)
03. The Meteor (2:11)
04. The Russians Arrive (0:57)
05. Siberia (2:02)
06. 30,000 M.P.H. (0:54)
07. DubovÕs Rage (0:58)
08. Prepare For Aligning Peter The Great (0:50)
09. Realigning Peter The Great (3:51)
10. Alpine Innocence (0:59)
11. Tatiana (2:00)
12. Countdown (2:34)
13. Manhattan Splinter (2:27)
14. Malfunction (2:57)
15. The Assault (3:22)
16. Meteor √ê Band March And End Credits (7:03)