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Medicine Man - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful & underrared score to John McTiernan's (Die Hard), Medicine Man.The main, fairly sweeping and lyrical theme does tend to sound like Star Trek V sometimes and does indeed seem to be derived from it. However, the orchestration is very different most of the time and so the similarity is only glancing. James Horner could learn a thing from Goldsmith about more effectively re-using material in the sense of not making it sound the same from score to score. Certainly a score worth getting if you like Goldsmith and if not, still give it a go, you might like it! It's definitely one of those scores you wouldn't think about buying unless you knew it was by Jerry Goldsmith and therefore going to be good.
Track listing
1. Rae's Arrival (5:09)
2. First Morning (3:48)
3. Campbell and the Children (2:00)
4. The Trees (6:04)
5. The Harvest (3:14)
6. Mocara (3:39)
7. Mountain High (2:43)
8. Without a Net (4:20)
9. Finger Painting (2:33)
10. What's Wrong (1:54)
11. The Injection (2:11)
12. The Sugar (2:11)
13. The Fire (2:13)
14. A Meal and a Bath (8:04)
Total duration: 50 minutes