Master Of The World / Goliath - 2CD Complete Scores - Les Baxter

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Reissue of Intrada 2-CD set featuring two terrific film scores by Les Baxter, both from American International movies. [Contents identical to earlier release.] First is actual soundtrack in dynamic stereo from 1961 Jules Verne tale, Master Of The World, starring Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, scripted by Richard Matheson, directed by William Whitney. Intrada release from 2009 was first ever presentation of music from original stereo scoring session mixes. Every cue surviving on rolls is included here. Interesting to note that 20 minutes seems cherry-picked from longer score, perhaps destined for one side of LP that never happened. Observation has validity since suite includes main title, vigorous "Topage" cue, impressive main flight theme sequence, two most prominent set-pieces, end title plus actual vocal "Exit Music" recorded for initial screenings of picture. All choice pieces! Also interesting to note film running time is approximately 102 minutes but Baxter scored 14 reels of film, suggesting it was once planned at closer to two and a half hours! Fun thought! CD also features complete original 1961 re-recorded album first appearing on Vee Jay label, presented from stereo album masters prepared subsequently in late 1970's for Varese Sarabande LP. Audio is dated with significant reverb locked in but otherwise excellent. Film itself finds monomaniacal Albatross pilot "Robur the Conqueror" (Price) launching aerial attacks on warmongering countries below. Government operative John Strock (Bronson) determines to stop him. Baxter offers incredibly tuneful score with soaring main theme, dynamic flight music, powerful battle set piece ("The Mountains" on soundtrack, "The Conquerors" on re-recording) plus many other pieces. Worthy of spotlight is lengthier battle piece from soundtrack has entirely different opening, closing as well. CD 2 features original 1959 soundtrack album from American International label, then simply called "Les Baxter's Barbarian". During heyday of Italy "peplum" series of muscle bound ancient warrior movies, Steve Reeves of Hercules fame also made Goliath And The Barbarians, launching successful Goliath franchise. Intrada presents album from pristine condition stereo master tapes vaulted by MGM. Considering age of actual recording, sonics are dynamic, superb! Les Baxter conducts soundtrack for Master Of The World, Cal Carter conducts "100 Men" for re-recorded album, Muir Mathieson conducts London Sinfonia for Goliath And The Barbarians. Music with muscle!
Track Listing
Suite From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
01. Main Title And Dreams Of Flight (2:24)
02. Topage (1:53)
03. Betrayed And Discipline (4:20)
04. Flight Concerto (2:18)
05. The Mountains (5:07)
06. End Title (1:44)
07. Come Dance With Me [Exit Music] (2:17)
Suite Time: 20:21
Original 1961 ÒSound Track MusicÓ Album
08. Overture (2:21)
09. Topage (1:52)
10. The Albatross (2:22)
11. Mediterranean (2:50)
12. Over The Rocks (4:39)
13. Master Of The World (1:45)
14. Flight Concerto (2:16)
15. Philadelphia (1:59)
16. Drifting Clouds (3:11)
17. The Conquerors (4:26)
18. Balloon Waltz (2:18)
19. Finale (1:47)
Original Album Time: 32:43
CD 1 Total Time: 53:16

01. GoliathÕs March (Main Title) (0:55)
02. Landa (Love Theme) (1:51)
03. Barbarian Games (Noisy Village) (3:02)
04. The Sacred Crown (4:22)
05. Sword Dance (3:24)
06. Mountains Of Mystery (5:00)
07. Ride Of The Barbarians (1:44)
08. Night Attack Of The Stranger (2:58)
09. LoveÕs Farewell (2:37)
10. Rape Of The Village (2:27)
11. Fire Dance (2:50)
12. March Of Victory (End Title) (2:52)
CD 2 Total Time: 34:53