Masquerade - Expanded Score - John Barry

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The 3000 unit limited edition Prometheus Records CD club release of the original soundtrack recording composed and conducted by John Barry (Body Heat) for the 1988 motion picture MASQUERADE Directed byBob Swaim (Half Moon Street) & Written by Dick Wolf (Law and Order) and starring Rob Lowe (The West Wing), Meg Tilly (PSYCHO II),Kim Cattrall (Sex in The City), John Glover (Smallville ) and Dana Delany (China Beach) SOLD OUT !
Track Listing
1. Main Title
2. Graduation
3. Compulsive Promptness
4. Masquerade/Daddy Would Have...
5. Face Slap
6. Virgin Sacrice
7. The Fight/Tony Dies/Police
8. Two Glasses/Violence,Not Affection
9. Married
10. Ann Is Dead/I Sleep Like A Baby...
11. "Obsession" Is Ready/Pregnant
12. Tim & Brooke Cool It/Birthday...
13. No Crash
14. Your Move, Romeo
15. Sabotage
16. Explosion
17. She's Alive
18. End Titles
19. Made For Each Other vers. 1
20. Pity The Poor
21. Maed For Each Other Vers. 2
22. It Was You
23. The Last Dance
24. Lobster - House Blues
25. Lobster - House Rock