Man On A Swing / The President's Analyst - Complete Score - Lalo Schifrin

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In Man on a Swing (starring Cliff Robertson and Joel Grey), a small-town police chief investigating a murder is offered help by a self-described psychic. However, when the chief discovers that the ÒpsychicÓ is in possession of information known only to the police, he suspects that the man may be more involved in the case than he lets on. Lalo Schifrin provides a very interesting, multifaceted score: subtle, Impressionistic avant-garde underscore alongside Muzak-style source cues.
The PresidentÕs Analyst tells the story of Dr. Sidney Schaefer (James Coburn), who feels honored and thrilled to be offered the job of the PresidentÕs analyst. But when the stress of the job and the paranoia that comes with a sensitive government position get to him, he runs away. Now spies from all over the world are after him, either to get him for their own side or to kill him and prevent someone else from getting him. The terrific Schifrin score, one of his most imaginative from the period (and one of the most desired by his fans), is a kaleidoscope of parodic patriotic music, throbbing spy/suspense sound, pop, jazz, Christmas songs and a catchy ÒparanoidÓ theme.

Neither of these two scores has been previously released in any form. For Man on a Swing, we had the luck to find the very good-condition _«« 15 ips 3-track stereo master tape in the Paramount vaults. Sadly, the only available source for The PresidentÕs Analyst was the mono music stems, but we have made a big effort to restore them as much as possible. We have evened out the up-and-down shifts in volume and minimized the small bits of dialogue that bled into the audio masters. We think the end result is satisfactoryÑand the music is well worth the effort!
The lavish package includes a 20-page booklet with in-depth liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond.
Track Listing
01. MaggieÕs Theme (0:23)
02. Source Muzak #2 (1:06)
03. Source Muzak #1 (0:34)
04. MaggieÕs Theme (0:56)
05. Evelyn Story (1:42)
06. Source Muzak #3 (0:41)
07. WillsÕ Trance (5:56)
08. Source Muzak #5 (1:21)
09. Source Muzak #6 (1:41)
10. Source Muzak #7 (0:35)
11. Rosehaven Motel (1:54)
12. Maggie Retraced (1:49)
13. Source Muzak #9 (1:20)
14. Choked Up (1:48)
15. Juke Box Source (1:25)
16. Radio Source (1:39)
17. Dialatone / Empty Porch / Mailman / Phone Voice / A Wet Nothing (3:25)
18. Penultima Trance (4:11)
19. WillsÕ Last Trance (1:14)
20. Forest Finale (0:21)
21. End Credits (1:17)

22. Paramount Seal and Opening / Main Title (4:46)
23. Hey Me (2:24)
24. The Long Walk (1:02)
25. The Nest (1:27)
26. On Call (1:58)
27. Lonely Hours (1:29)
28. Paranoid Starts / Cocktail Lounge (3:14)
29. Spies Paranoid / Dream Paranoid / Suspicious Paranoid (0:43)
30. Sidney Plans Escape (1:30)
31. Car Radio / More Car Radio (2:12)
32. Total Sound (1:15)
33. Stinger #1-2-3 / Cooler and Sweater Number (1:10)
34. SidneyÕs Flight (2:02)
35. Fast Boat to Moscow (1:40)
36. Telephone Trap (1:09)
37. T. P. C. / Cerebrum Communicator (1:47)
38. End Title (3:05)
Total Disc Time: 68:03