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So shocking that, to this day, the British censors insist on culling some of the film’s use of live animal ‘performers’ THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER instigated the entire Italian cannibal movie trend. Indeed, long before CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST attempted its own blend of bloodshed and authority-upsetting horror, THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER was carving out an influential and important path of its own. Directed by Umberto Lenzi, who later oversaw the arterial-gushing gore of CANNIBAL FEROX and EATEN ALIVE, THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER introduces us to a British expat (essayed by genre veteran Ivan Rassimov) who gets into some bar-brawling trouble in Bangkok and flees to the Burmese border. Unfortunately, once there, he is captured by a primitive tribe who do not take too kindly to trespassers. On the plus side, though, at least he has the lovely tribal babe Me Me Lai (LAST CANNIBAL WORLD) to keep him company… but will their ‘forbidden’ love meet with further flesh-filleting fear?
Filled with sicko-splatter sequences of torture and terror THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER was an original UK Video Nasty – and it returns to British shelves, in sanguine-splashed HD, for a very special 88 Films edition!
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