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Mama Dracula - Expanded Score - Roy Budd

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MUSIC BOX RECORDS is pleased to announce for the first time available on CD the world premiere release of acclaimed composer Roy Budd's (Get Carter, Soldier Blue, The Wild Geese) score for Mama Dracula (1980), a vampire comedy produced and directed by Boris Szulzinger starring Louise Fletcher and Maria Schneider. For more than thirty years, only the vanishingly hard-to-find LP record of the era could avail a taste of the unbridled yet delicious characteristics of this score. The present edition is therefore a chance for all admirers of Roy Budd to finally enjoy it, through a painstaking and careful presentation aimed at preserving the splendid original mix. The original soundtrack possesses all the generous qualities that typified its composer and merits fully the homage paid here to its true value.
Track Listing
1. Invitation to a Blood Convention (02:08)
2. To the Castle Dracula (01:22)
3. Mama's Story (02:11)
4. Mama's Little Boys (02:02)
5. The Castle's Laboratory (00:37)
6. Mama Sends Vamps to Work (01:49)
7. Inside the Vamps Showroom (01:48)
8. The Angry Villagers (03:35)
9. Fiance's Lib (01:06)
10. Mama's Theme (02:11)
11. Bath of Blood (03:27)
12. Morning Vamps (02:19)
13. The Professor and Nancy (03:17)
14. The Vamp Show (02:27)
15. Tango Vampo (00:46)
16. Nancy Speaks (02:31)
17. Mama and her Family (02:24)