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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Steelbook - Blu-Ray - Limited Edition - George Miller

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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Steelbook - Blu-Ray (French Edition)
The third entry in the Max Max series departed from the essential chase format established by its two predecessors. Although the film was a success, and the titular arena where "two men enter, one man leaves!" has become a catchphrase, opinion remains divided over whether Thunderdome is up to the level of the first two installments. Even its most ardent fans (and that includes me) have to admit that Thunderdome doesn't provide the adrenaline rush of The Road Warrior. It goes quiet for a long stretch during the middle when Max discovers a society of lost children living in the wilderness, and only picks up steam (literally) near the end, with a wild chase involving a train.
Special Features:
  • HD Transfer 16:9
  • Ultra Violet Digital Copy
  • Trailers
  • English / French / Italian DTS Audio
Region B