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Macchie Solari - Complete Score - Bruno Nicolai

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The score is written by the Academy Award winner Ennio Morricone and now Digitmovies presents it in its complete form and in full stereo on CD, as sixth volume in the series of the italiano Giallo movies scored by M¬° Morricone.
In 1976 a 45 rpm single was issued in Japan only, on King Records label containing one track called The victim (the movie title used for the Japanese market).
In 1992 C.A.M. has issued on CD eleven tracks of atonal kind in stereo, but the original 45 rpm single track, a romantic theme for orchestra and choir with a modern vein featured in the end titles, wasnÕt enclosed on that CD, without doubt one of the most requested tracks from the Morricone fans.
For this special edition CD we used all the stereo master tapes kept in the C.A.M. historic archives, and we have added nine inedit tracks to the material already enclosed in the original CD and also for the very first time the version of very rare Japanese single (Tr. 22).
Ennio Morricone drives the listener in an hellish atmosphere of dissonant, gloomy, dramatic and violent sounds given by orchestral/electronic sounds of experimental kind with the performance of the voices of I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni that create really scary vocal effects.
Track Listing
01. Macchie solari (The victim)
02. Macchie solari
03. Con voce strozzata
04. Passaggio primo
05. Passaggio secondo - Multipla il pezzo
06. Passaggio terzo
07. Passaggio quarto
08. Preannuncio - Multipla il pezzo
09. Sesso e potere
10. Sul filo
11. Ansimando
12. Sibili
13. Con voce strozzata # 2
14. Ansimando # 2
15. Passaggio primo # 2
16. Passaggio secondo - Multipla il pezzo # 2
17. Passaggio terzo # 2
18. Sesso e potere # 2
19. Sul filo # 2
20. Con voce strozzata # 3
21. Passaggio quarto # 2
22. Macchie solari (The victim - versione singolo)