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Lucio Fulci's Horror Collection - 2 x LP Coloured Vinyl - Fabio Frizzi

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Essential release for completists and casual fans alike, this compilation put together by Beat Records in Italy features a host of classic Italian horror scores, all with one thing in common: director Lucio Fulci. The record features gorgeous album art by Randy Ortiz, and is pressed on 180 Gram Red & Yellow Vinyl, limited on 1,000 copies (also available on Black Vinyl).

Creator of some of the most revered films in Italian horror history, not only did Lucio Fulci have an eye for dreamlike visuals, he had an ear for choosing amazing composers, managing to get some of their best work from them.

This compilation features Fulci mainstay Fabio Frizzi - presented here with selections from The Beyond and Manhattan Baby, both of which rank as some of his finest work (and certainly his funkiest ); Oscar winner Ennio Morricone, contributing four selections from his sublime and psychedelic score to Lizard In A WomanÕs Skin, an utterly spellbinding listen that will send shivers down your spine; Walter Rizzati, presenting two cuts from The House By The Cemetery which has an incredible gothic feel of forboding. And who knew that the soundtrack to one of FulciÕs nastiest films - The New York Ripper composed by Franco De Masi - had such an incredibly funky latin soundtrack that offsets the violence in the film and makes you want to dance like a duck?

Rounding out this 2 LP set are two scores that have NEVER been on vinyl before: Giovanni CristianiÕs score to Demonia, a driving percussive-led score that is as moody as it is thrilling, dripping in synths and texture, and Franco PianaÕs Door to Silence, which offers up some pretty thrilling 70Õs jazz style cues soaked in brass and atmosphere. Big, bold and ballsy and definitely a welcome addition to the Fulci vinyl cannon.

Track Listing
A Lizard In A Woman's Skin
   01. La Lucerlola
   02. Sole Sulle Pelle
   03. Magia Nera
   04. Slinge
The New York Ripper
   05. Fay
   06. New York One More Day
   07. Suspance and Murder
   08. New York One More Day (2nd version)
Manhattan Baby
   09. Baby Sequence 1
   10. Baby Sequence 2
The Beyond
   11. Voci Dal Nulla
   12. Verso L'Ignoio
   13. Hell Flames
   14. The Nun Crypt
   15. The Blue Mountain
   16. The Revelation
   17. World's Navel
   18. Farewell to Dread
The House By The Cemetery
   19. Quella Villa
   20. Tema Bambino
Door To Silence
   21. Melvin's Theme
   22. Love and Death
   23. Running
   24. Unknown
   25. Dark
   26. Leave a Message
   27. Bechel
   28. Magician
   29. The Nun Crypt (feat. Lucio Fulci's voice)