Love Story - Expanded Score - Francis Lai

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The choice of Francis Lai was a personal obsession of producer Robert Evans, who pursued the composer until he accepted, despite Lai initially refusing to compose the score due to other commitments. But EvansÕ intuition was spot-on. Today, LaiÕs Love Story score remains one of the most memorable and richly lyrical works in the canon of romantic film scores. The main theme remains one of the most famous melodies in film history, covered countess timesÑincluding an especially memorable arrangement by Henry Mancini for RCA.
The original soundtrack LP of Love Story has been a tremendous success over the years, reissued repeatedly, including the CD edition that first appeared on the MCA label in the early Õ90s. However, the sound quality of the CD and its reissues was not very good. For this release we have returned to the original master tapes that have been restored, corrected and mastered by Chris Malone, and the resulting sound quality is very much improved. Despite the high-profile reputation of this score, the film does not really contain much musicÑjust over twenty minutes.
The album included more music than the film, although some versions were edited, others re-recorded and expanded for the album, with different, lighter arrangements. So we are glad to present the original album plus the original score as itÕs heard in the film, restored by Chris Malone from mono elements courtesy of Paramount Pictures (mostly stems and electrovox sources). A couple of alternates of the memorable cue ÒSnow FrolicÓ have also been included. This special release is limited to 1000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond.

Track Listing


01. Theme from Love Story (3:25)

02. Snow Frolic (3:02)

03. Mozart Sonata in F Major (Allegro) (2:22)

04. I Love You Phil (2:09)

05. The Christmas Trees (2:52)

06. Search for Jenny (Theme from Love Story) (3:08)

07. Bozo Barrett (Theme from Love Story) (2:48)

08. Skating in Central Park (3:08)

09. The Long Walk Home (1:34)

10. J.S. Bach Concerto N¼ 3 in D Major (Allegro) (2:39)

11. Theme from Love Story (Finale) (3:57)

12. Snow Frolic (single version) (2:41)


13. Theme from Love Story (1:29)

14. I Love You Phil (1:05)

15. Mozart Sonata in F Major (Allegro) (0:52)

16. Lovemaking (0:57)

17. Snow Frolic (1:45)

18. J.S. Bach Concerto N¼ 3 in D Major (Allegro) (1:10)

19. Bozo Barrett (1:52)

20. Search for Jenny (3:06)

21. The Christmas Trees (2:25)

22. The Long Walk Home Part 1 (1:27)

23. The Long Walk Home Part 2 (1:09)

24. Skating in Central Park (3:44)

25. The Long Walk Home Part 3 (0:52)

26. Finale (3:50)


27. Snow Frolic (Alternate Mix) (2:41)

28. Theme from Love Story (Guitar Version) (1:50)

Total Disc Time: 62:21