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Lost Themes - John Carpenter - Limited Edition Vinyl - John Carpenter

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John Carpenter, the Legendary Director and Composer behind Halloween, Escape From New York, They Live, Assault on Precinct 13 and many more announces his debut solo album ÔLost ThemesÕ out February 3rd on Sacred Bones Records. In anticipation of his debut release, Carpenter shares a new track ÒVortex,Ó a custom-designed video for ÒVortexÓ set to clips from different Carpenter films and the full album artwork and track list.John Carpenter has been responsible for much of the horror genreÕs most striking soundtrack work in the fifteen movies heÕs both directed and scored. The themes that drive them can be stripped to a few coldly repeating notes, take on the electrifying thunder of a rock concert, or submerge themselves into exotic, unholy miasmas. ItÕs work that instantly floods his fansÕ musical memory with imagery of a menacing shape stalking a babysitter, a relentless wall of ghost-filled fog, lightning-fisted kung fufighters, or a mirror holding the gateway to hell. Lost Themes asks CarpenterÕs acolytes to visualize their own nightmares.

Track Listing

1, Vortex
2, Obsidian
3, Fallen
4, Domain
5, Mystery
6, Abyss
7, Wraith
8, Purgatory
9, Night