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Lolita - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Ennio Morricone

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NabokovÕs novel tells the tale of Humbert Humbert, a university professor who falls in love with the daughter of his landlady. His love for the teen-aged nymphette Lolita knows no boundaries so he marries his shrewish mother in order to be close to the girl. Before his new wife could oust him as a pervert, Humbert gets widowed and must take of Lolita Ð a sweet burden he happily carries across the country. Their cross-country adventure is followed by the mysterious Clare Quilty who has his own plans for Lolita...
For Lolita, Ennio Morricone contributed one of his most memorable and melodramatic scores that work wonderfully alongside LyneÕs slow-motion images filled with erotic tension. As the composer himself described the project: "With my music, I only had to follow on a high level the director's intentions to make Lolita a story of sincere and reciprocal love, even within the limits of the purity and malicious naivetŽ of its young subject."
Mastered by Claudio Fuiano and Daniel Winkler, this new reissue by Music Box Records with a brand new artwork expands upon the original Milan Records soundtracks by omitting the period songs and adding more music by the Maestro. Highlights include different variations of the main theme and the "Requiescant" theme which features the guest performance of the Coro di Voci Bianche dell'Arcum children's choir.

Track Listing

1. Lolita** (4:15)
2. Love in the Morning (3:37)
3. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury* (1:26)
4. Take Me to Bed (2:51)
5. Togetherness / Lolita* (2:58)
6. Requiescant (2:10)
7. Lolita On Humbert's Lap (3:34)
8. She had nowhere else to go (3:19)
9. What About Me (1:41)
10. Lolita* (1:21)
11. She had nowhere else to go* (1:56)
12. Togetherness (2:32)
13. Lolita* (2:11)
14. Quilty (4:14)
15. Love in the Morning* (2:01)
16. She had nowhere else to go* (2:58)
17. Togetherness / Lolita* (3:03) 
18. Requiescant (alternate)* (1:53)
19. Lolita in My Arms (1:37)
20. She had nowhere else to go* (2:39)
21. What About Me* (1:52)
22. Love in the Morning* (1:36)
23. Humbert's Diary (2:57)
24. Lolita* (1:15)
25. Togetherness* (2:28)
26. She had nowhere else to go* (3:42)
27. Humbert on the Hillside (1:42)
28. Lolita* (1:30)
29. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury (2:20)
30. Lolita (finale) 4:07

* previously unreleased
** contains unreleased material
Total Time ¥ 77:03