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Lizard In A Woman's Skin - 2LP Complete Score - Ennio Morricone

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ItÕs tough to be a vinyl fan right now, thereÕs just way too many good releases out there Ð itÕs impossible to keep up! Among the forefront, thereÕs Death Waltz Recording Company; their latest release is an epic vinyl reissue of Ennio MorriconeÕs Lizard in A WomanÕs Skin. The soundtrack belongs to one of Lucio FulciÕs trippy nightmare films and finds Morricone at his most funky and jazzed out, whilst still delivering a few haunting cues to keep your skin crawling. In addition, the soundtrack is 24 tracks and clocking in at mostly 90 minutes of unheard cues, complete with creepy artwork was by Jaw Shaw. The entire thing is available in two packages, a limited Deluxe Edition (limited to 500 worldwide with an exclusive hardcover gatefold and swirl vinyl), while the regular release will feature 2 transparent (blue) vinyls. SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
Disc 1 Ð pink / yellow swirl
Disc 2 Ð green/blue swirl.
01 La lucertola
02 Magia nera
03 Giorno di notte
04 La lucertola
05 Che strano
06 Mimetizzata
07 Notte di giorno
08 Sfinge
09 Spostato ad est
10 A Lucio Fulci
11 Spiriti
12 Ancora ad est
13 Sole sulla pelle
14 Nenia per una bambola
15 Che strano Ð II version
16 Giorno di notte
17 Sfinge
18 Fondate paure
19 Mimetizzata
20 A Lucio Fulci
21 La lucertola
22 Che strano
23 Notte di giorno
24 La lucertola