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Live Free Or Die Hard – Original Score – Marco Beltrami


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Marco Beltrami’s stunning action score to the 4th Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard. Directed by Len Wiseman, the 2007 hit was one of the most successful in the franchise. After the passing of supermo, Michael Kamen, Beltrami delivered the goods and this lengthy CD comprises over 45mins of superb music.
Track Listing
1. Out of Bullets
2. Shootout
3. Leaving the Apartment
4. Dead Hackers
5. Traffic Jam
6. It’s a Fire Sale
7. Break In
8. Farrell to DC
9. Copter Chase
10. Blackout
11. Illegal Broadcast
12. Hurry Up
13. Power Plant
14. Landing
15. Cold Cuts
16. Yippee Ki Yay
17. Break a Neck
18. Farrell Is In
19. F 35
20. Aftermath
21. Live Free or Die Hard

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