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L'istruttoria E'Chiusa Dimentichi - Original Score - (Black Vinyl) - Limited 500 Copies - Ennio Morricone

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One of the darkest, moodiest soundtracks we've ever heard from Ennio Morricone Ð even in comparison to some of his atonal horror work of the 70s! The vibe here is almost 20th Century avant chamber Ð a bit like work from Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova, but even more experimental Ð as odd bits of sound samples are filtered through these dark sonic textures, string parts, and electronics Ð all with a style that's very musique concrete overall! Tracks are much longer than usual for a soundtrack too Ð and the record has an experimental greatness that really stands apart from the film. Titles include "Disordini", "Ordini", "Ergastolo", and "Memento". (Hand numbered, limited edition of 500!)
Track Listing
Side A

Side B
Distordini (Titali Versioni Film)
Ordini (Versione Alternative)