Lilies Of The Field - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Featured as part of the score is a piece called Amen featuring the vocals of Jester Hairston. This showed that Jerry Goldsmith was going to be a much sought after composer with his use of southern gospel tinged spiritual music and a score that hews to an Americana vibe. To many who have heard this score it's a mix of sincerity and jubilation. A must have for any Goldsmith fan and those who want to hear something different.
Track Listing
1 Main Title 1:53
2. Homer Returns 1:34
3. The Roof 1:16
4. Homer Awakes / Breakfast 3:12
5. Feed the Slaves / Drive to Mass 1:37
6. Amen / Sunday Morning / Amen 3:59
7. The Contractor 2:28
8. Out of Bricks 1:08
9. No Hammer / Return of the Prodigal 4:21
10. Lots of Bricks / Aid Given /
Aid Rejected 6:53
11. Amen 2:18
12. End Title / End Cast 1:26