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Premiere of full Michael Kamen score for wild space vampire tale! Tobe Hooper directs bizarre space vampire tale, Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Patrick Stewart, Mathilda May star, Dan O’Bannon co-writes with Don Jakoby from Colin Wilson novel, Cannon Films (now an MGM property) releases in 1985. Henry Mancini originally tackled scoring duties. However, due a number of post-production editorial changes to film prior to release, Mancini was unable to come back in to rescore affected segments – notably the entire opening – and equally esteemed composer Michael Kamen stepped in to handle additional scoring duties. Ultimately, Kamen recorded over 75 minutes of music, including powerful orchestral cues for the entire opening sequence and complex electronic music for much of the film thereafter. This current CD is all Michael Kamen, produced in cooperation with the Michael Kamen Estate. Separate 2-CD set of Henry Mancini’s score is also available from Intrada! Joint U.S. and British team working in space encounter immense spaceship hidden within Hailey’s Comet. Inside vessel are bats and humanoids. Brought back to earth, the female alien (Mathilda May) emerges a “space vampire”, draining energy from her prey. Particular focus is on Col. Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback). His encounters with the female vampire (who memorably plays much of her part nude) ultimately lead to spectacular, and bizarre, climax in London cathedral. For the initial spaceship encounter sequence, Kamen scores for full orchestra with aggressive blocks of fortissimo brass leading the massive resources of the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Kamen also rescored the Carlsen nightmare sequence with his orchestra. For the electronic cues, Kamen worked with multiple layers of sound, melding both his signature rhythmic devices and piano motifs within larger ideas both thick and intense, transparent and cerebral. In addition to the underscore, Kamen recorded two lengthy sequences which he entitled, “Alien Spacecraft Atmospheres”. These appear as extras after the 65-minute score proper, with the second one bringing the entire album to a peaceful, serene cascading of electronic chimes that fade, twinkling away into the night. Tim Greiving offers informative booklet notes, Kay Marshall designs the exciting package. Eric Tomlinson records and mixes at EMI Abbey Road Studios in London and Mayfair Studios during April and May 1985, Michael Kamen composes, conducts the National Philharmonic Orchestra.
Track Listing
ORCHESTRAL CUES 01. Main Title/Approaching The Comet (1:42) 02. We Have To Look Now (1:40) 03. Entering The Alien Spacecraft/The Gate Opens (4:24) 04. The Discovery (2:52) 05. Nightmare/Carlsen Wakes Up (2:26) Orchestral Cues Time: 14:09
ELECTRONIC CUES 06. Entering The Alien Spacecraft (1:18) 07. Passage Of Time/Rescue Mission/Girl Awakens (10:49) 08. Caine’s Entry/Waking Male Vampires (4:07) 09. Autopsy On Guard/End Of Autopsy Scene (4:13) 10. Girl In Park (1:01) 11. Leaving The Nurse/To Sykes’ Cell/ Injecting Dr. Armstrong/Interrogating Armstrong (8:50)
12. London Street Chaos (0:33) 13. Helicopter Interior And Blood Clot Scene (2:58) 14. Carlsen’s Flashback (2:36) 15. Prime Minister/Helicopter Escape/ Army Base/Lifeforce To Aliens (6:01) 16. Arrival At The Cathedral/Carlsen Enters The Crypt (8:28) Electronic Cues Time: 51:18
THE EXTRAS 17. Alien Spacecraft Atmospheres – Reel 1 (5:26) 18. Alien Spacecraft Atmospheres – Reel 2 [Chimes] (5:34) The Extras Time: 11:04 CD Total Time: 76:40

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