l'Humanoide - Expanded

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Music By Ennio Morricone

L’umanoide” is a sci-fi movie directed in 1979 by Aldo Lado and starring Richard Kiel, Barbara Bach, Leonard Mann, Corinne Cléry, Massimo Serato and Arthur Kennedy. It was conceived and realized after the hit success of “Star Wars” with special effects made in Italy. The battle between good and evil aliens has symphonic-electronic music score by Ennio Morricone between Classic and Experimental,alternating romantic and elegiac motifs to other dramatic and violent themes. For this special edition CD the master tapes of the complete session, of course in stereo, were used and digitally restored and remastered. SOLD OUT

Track Listing

1. Un uomo nello spazio
2. Estasi stellare
3. Infanzia, evoluzione e ritorno
4. Informale primo
5. Trasmissione difettosa, rotazione e rivoluzione
6. Incontri a sei
7. Robodog
8. Informale secondo
9. Estasi stellare # 2
10. Trasmissione difettosa, rotazione e rivoluzione # 2
11. Informale primo # 2
12. Infanzia, evoluzione e ritorno # 2
13. Estasi stellare # 3