Lesbo - Complete

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Music By Francesco De Masi

Limited Edition

Long-deserving of a complete reissue, LESBO features the music of Francesco de Masi and Alessandro Alessandroni, a great collaboration that exhibits the orchestrating skills of the former and the originality of the latter.

The duo created a score of outstanding quality for a movie with an exotic (and erotic) title that presents the story of the girls from Lesbo Isle while suggesting the notion of something hidden and not easily understood.

Oozing with groovy lounge atmospheres, it’s a perfect soundtrack for the summer months. Enjoy it while imagining yourself sipping colorful drinks with small paper umbrellas in a cocktail bar by the ocean in southern Italy, the sun setting in the background and a gentle sea breeze in which to get lost in the music of two of the greatest maestros of the Italian silver age. The CD is presented in a jewel case with a colorful 8-page booklet featuring original artwork from the film and liner notes (in Italian and English) by Filippo de Masi. Reissued for a limited time due to popular demand!


Track Listing

1. Qualsiasi cosa
2. L'isola dell'amore
3. Lesbo - Seq. 03
4. A mezza luce
5. Sesso in controluce
6. Lesbo - Seq. 08
7. Lesbo - Seq. 10
8. Lesbo - Seq. 11
9. Lesbo - Seq. 12
10. Lesbo - Seq. 13
11. Crepuscolo sul mare
12. Lesbo - Seq. 17
13. Lesbo - Seq. 19
14. Drammatica rinuncia
15. Sirtaki di Lesbo
16. Lesbo - Seq. 23
17. Lesbo - Seq. 24
18. Con te per sempre
19. Lesbo - Seq. 29
20. Lesbo - Seq. 30
21. Lesbo - Seq. 34
22. Lesbo - Seq. 35
23. Lesbo - Seq. 36
24. L'isola dell'amore