Le Sorelle - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Giorgio Gaslini

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Expanded CD debut of passionate Giorgio Gaslini score written for Roberto MalenottiÕs Le sorelle, a lesbian soft-core film starring Nathalie Delon and Susan Strasberg.
Martha (Strasberg) and Diana (Delon) are two sisters who had a passionate affair in the past which lead to their break-up. Both of them had gotten married, but her recent divorce makes Diana reconsider her decision. After a nervous breakdown during an international conference, she travels home to visit Martha and meet her older husband and cocky brother. Thinking that Martha and Alex cannot have a relationship as good as theirs, Diana is bent on breaking up the marriage, especially after she learns that Martha keeps a lover as well. Her decision will lead to an unfortunate death...
Giorgio GasliniÕs score is an excellent example of character themes with each major character receiving a memorable accompaniment. From MarthaÕs passionate motive to DianaÕs decadent Baroque theme and AlexÕs impotence transferred to music, this lyrical score has a hint of GasliniÕs memorable jazz compositions with some experimental psychological disturbance complimenting the larger-than-life forbidden romance. The haunting main title piece ÒVoce di uno strato psicol—gicoÓ contains a rare solo performance by Edda dellÕOrso.
The CD, fully mastered and restored by Claudio Fuiano, is an expanded release of the original Cinevox LP with over 25 minutes of previously unreleased alternate recordings. 12-page liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the film and the score. They are based on an original interview with the composer.

Track Listing
01. Memory (3:19)
02. Le Rose BluÕ (1:45)
03. Quicksilver (2:16)
04. Viaggio in Danimarca (1:08)
05. Riprendendo il Volo (2:57)
06. Qualcosa di Incomprensible (3:09)
07.Diana  (2:04)
08. Alex (2:55)
09. Le Sorelle (5:40)
10. Voce si Strato Psicologico (2:00)
11. Una Distesa di Desideri (3:18)
12. Bliss (5:50)
13. Le Sorelle (pianoforte per due sorelle) (2:58)
14. Diana (un amore antico) (2:21)
15. Voce di Strato Psicologico (fantasmi dellÕanimo) (2:48)
16. Le Rose Blu' (amore impossibile) (1:30)
17. Riprendendo il Volo (clavicembalo solitario) (2:47)
18. Le rose Blu' (Attimo epico) (0:29)
19. Una Distesa di Desideri (terrore interiore) (2:44)
20. Bliss (indomabili sentimenti) (3:13)
21. Diana (soliloquio) (0:54)
22. Le Rose Blu' (attesa incerta) (1:56)
23. Qualcosa di Incomprensible (agitazione) (2:46)
24. Bliss (ricordi del passato) (1:24)