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Lawrence Of Arabia - Expanded - Special Edition - Maurice Jarre

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Digitally remastered limited-edition issue of Maurice JarreÕs complete original soundtrack for David LeanÕs 1962 epic ÒLawrence of ArabiaÓ. The sweeping, majestic score is played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra with Jarre conducting.The inclusion of two already existing tunes meant that the music won an Oscar in the ÒBest Substantially Original ScoreÓcategory (one of seven Academy Awards garnered by the film)
To complete this special Maurice Jarre disc there are two more of his original soundtracks included as a bonus: ÒThe Longest DayÓ and ÒLes Yeux Sans VisageÓ
Track Listing
1. Overture 4:18
2. Main Title 2:00
3. Miracle 3:11
4. Nefud Miracle 2:25
5. Rescue Of Casim 2:15
6. Bringing Casim Into Camp 3:39
7. Arrival At AudaÕs Camp 2:05
8. The Voice Of The Guns 2:03
9. In Whose Name Do You Ride? 1:26
10. Continuation Of The Miracle 2:21
11. SunÕs Anvil 3:14
12. Lawrence And Body Guard 2:10
13. That Is The Desert 2:56
14. End Title 3:44
Bonus Tracks
15. B.B.C. Drums 1:01* (Bonus Track)
16. Scene Du Radar 1:36*(Bonus Track)
17. Les Big Pipes Du Lord Lovat 0:51*(Bonus Track)
18. Le D≈Ωbarquement A Omaha Beach 1:14*(Bonus Track)
19. The Longest Day March 2:30*(Bonus Track)
20. DonÕt Fence Me In 0:43*(Bonus Track)
21. Harmonica Solo [The Longest Day] 2:03*(Bonus Track)
22. The Longest Day [Vocals By Paul Anka] 2:09*(Bonus Track)
23. Les Yeux Sans Visage 2:06*(Bonus Track)
24. Theme Romantique 2:52*(Bonus Track)
25. Des Phares Dans La Nuit 1:24*(Bonus Track)
26. Inqui≈Ωtude 3:34*(Bonus Track)
27. Valse Poursuite 1:48*(Bonus Track)
28. Final 1:00*(Bonus Track)