Last Embrace - Complete Score - Miklos Rozsa

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World premiere release of actual soundtrack for 1979 Hitchcockian thriller with Roy Scheider, Christopher Walken, Janet Margolin. While approximately 25 minutes were re-recorded for Varese Sarabande label, Intrada presents complete score, with nearly an hour of classic-style Rozsa. Considerable number of aggressive action cues, especially surrounding Niagara Falls climax, are exciting  highlights. No stereo elements have survived (film itself was in mono) but fortunately MGM retained clean, excellent condition first-generation mono mixes of entire score including a pair of Rozsa-scored source pieces. Vintage-style, film noir-tinged, propulsive and melodic Rozsa at his finest! Miklos Rozsa conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 2000 copies! SOLD OUT!
Track LIsting
01. Main Title 1:35
02. The Cantina [Violin Solo] & Leaving The Womb 2:22
03. Confused 0:52
04. Homecoming 2:05
05. The Envelope 0:45
06. Dreamland 5:53
07. Nocturne 4:33
08. Cyanide 0:38
09. Suspicion 1:36
10. The Forties [Piano] 2:07
11. Goodnight Ellie I 2:05
12. Mystery 2:38