Land Of The Pharaohs / Rhapsody Of Steel -2 x CD Complete Score - Limited Edition - Dimitri Tiomkin

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Dimitri Tiomkin, a transplanted Russian with classical musical training, seemed an unlikely fit to score some of the great American films: Lost Horizon, It's a Wonderful Life, The Big Sky, Rio Bravo, The Thing (From Another World), and Duel in the Sun, and an even less likely choice for epics such as Fall of the Roman Empire, 55 Days at Peking and Howard Hawk's 1955 blockbuster Land of the Pharaohs. But whatever the musical task Tiomkin excelled. His score for Land of the Pharaohs was nothing less than majestic, and his response would have been could he have done less with a story about nothing less than the building of the Great Pyramid by Kufu. Tiomkin composed almost wall to wall music for this film ranging from the haunting vocal presentation of the main theme over the opening credits to the grand procession of a victorious pharaoh back from a great triumph, to a host of lesser themes and some major and spectacualr choral passages. This is one of Tiomkin's greatest works; one that was probably better than the film which opened with promise and then slid into a kind of ancient Egyptian soap-opera when Joan Collins makes her film debut. The film is memorable for its score. We wait for one scene after another to introduce some new theme or motif especially his grand choral pieces, music that is always easily identifiable as Tiomkin's. But for decades the only way to hear this music was with the film, usually late at night on TV, then a year ago on DVD. There had been nothing close to a full rendition of this score save an obscure re-recording of parts of the score by Elmer Bernstein in the 1970s. The limited edition Pantheon Promo Release is a musical treasure including virtually every note, and some alternate cues. Beautifully produced (despite certain technical limitations), with more than adequate packaging and notes this recording was worth the wait. A grand tribute to one of the greatest film composers.

Track Listing
Disc  1

1. Main Title (02:23) 
2. Pharaohs Triumphal Return To Egypt / Pharaoh And The Queen (10:57) 
3. Vashtar Summoned By Pharaoh / The Gods Speak To The People / Burial Of The Brave Warriors / The Cowards For The Alligators (07:45) 
4. A Tomb For Pharaoh / Vashtar Agrees / Prototype Of The New Tomb / Preparations For The Years Of Work To Finish The Tomb / The Workers Gather For The Great Project (14:08) 
5. The Long Years Of Work Begin And Spirits Are High / The Years Pass On With High Spirits / Vashtar Grows Old But The Work Is Not Finished / The People Become Dispirited (11:13) 
6. Pharaoh And Nellifer, Queen Of Cypern / Fight With A Bull & Victory (11:41) 
7. Nellifer And The Pharaoh's The Best Of The Treasure / The Tomb Is Almost Finished / Nellifer And The Guard / Vashtar's Blindness & His Son's Help In The Tomb (09:29) 

Disc 2
1. Blindfolded Workers And Dumb Priests / Pharaoh's Accident In The Tomb / Vashtar's Son Saved Pharaoh And Was Rewarded With The Slave Girl Kira (11:50) 
2. Nellifer Plots To Kill The Queen / Pharaoh To The Desert / Queen's Death / Nellifer's Assassin To Kill Pharaoh / Pharaoh Returns / Pharaoh Killed Nellifer's Lover & Pharaoh's Mortally Wounded (15:12) 
3. News Of Pharaoh's Death / Kira Is Afraid Of Death Of Vashtar And Her Husband / Mourning For Pharaoh / The Empty Throne Room & Hamar, Pharaoh's Right Hand (05:58) 
4. Kira's Despair / Vashtar And His Son Are Free To Go When The Tomb Is Sealed / Nellifer Starts The Burial (02:33) 
5. The Funeral Begins / Nellifer Follows The Priests Into The Pyramid & Sealing Of The Tomb / Nellifer's Fate To Be Buried Alive / Vashtar Leads His People To Freedom (06:57)

Tracks 1-5 are from the movie LAND OF THE PHARAOHS (1955)
6. Rhapsody Of Steel Suite (22:44) 
Track from the movie RHAPSODY OF STEEL (1959)