La Via Della Prostituzione - Expanded

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Music By Nico Fidenco

The sixth and last meeting with the music composed for the adventures of gorgeous Laura Gemser sees our reporter involved with a dangerous prostution slaver organization. The score by Maestro Fidenco, co-protagonist of the story, avails of the time speaking innovations: disco music and funky rhythms that gives to this score a special danceable mood. We shall have understood from the first track of the previus volume (Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali) "Make love on the wing" in which the vocalist starts with a sumptuous "I'm your queen": the queen of the disco music that explodes in this sixth volum, and at the time of the movie in all the dance floor of all the world, the queen of the Emanuelle fans, the queen of a never-ending myth and sexy icon without pairs! In a digipack box with 2 folds featuring a 24x36 poster with original artworks and liner notes by Fabio Babini. Numbered from 0001 to 1000 in the second page. A deign musical epilogue of around one hour of great themes composed by Maestro Fidenco for a series of CDs that will see in autumn the release of the last issue: a documentary DVD dedicated to the music composed and played for the black queen, Emanuelle!

Track Listing

1. Run Cheetah Run
2. A Modern Reportage
3. Sweet Disco Funky
4. Dee Doom Bee Doom
5. Ayaboha
6. Performing Joy
7. Too Much Again
8. Too Much Piano
9. Run Cheetah Run (Base)
10. Heartbeat
11. A Modern Reportage
12. A Modern Reportage
13. Red Room
14. Lady Surprise
15. Lady Surprise
16. Reporter In Action
17. Lady Fighting
18. Strange Hospital
19. Run Cheetah Run
20. A Modern Reportage
21. Performing Joy
22. Too Much Again
23. Heartbeat
24. Lady Surprise
25. Laundry Van