La Fete Sauvage - Complete

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Music By Vangelis

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La Fete Sauvage is a documentary film directed by Frederic Rossif with the music of the extraordinary musician and composer greek Vangelis, here in his first solo.
The long career of Vangelis will see him the author of masterpieces of music from movies like Momenti di gloria, Blade Runner, Antarctica, Missing - Scomparso, 1492: la conquista del paradiso, Alexander, Luna di fiele and many others.
Here, too, the fine art of Vangelis manages to create a perfect mix between the sound closer to world music and electronica that characterized the first part of the soundtrack, and the more melodic also mark the change of register in the themes of the documentary.

Track Listing

La Fête Sauvage I
La Fête Sauvage II