King Kong Lives - Complete Score - John Scott

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Much belated U.S. premiere on CD of dynamic, thrilling John Scott score for John Guillerman film about the big ape's new love... and his rampage when things don't go well. Scott creates rich overall theme for Kong and his lady and powerful edgier theme for arch enemy Col. Nemit. Both play throughout score in dramatic manner. Highlights are many but "Lady Kong Gets Gassed" merits spotlight. Scott also does courtesy of ending what he starts with stirring, fortissimo coda in major key. Powerful! Scott produced album in 1987, representing every major sequence of his score for terrific a record. CD did happen in Japan but only with intrusive ape roars. Happily, UMG vault masters of original U.S. album were available in perfect condition... without the grunts. Flipper cover offers two slightly different takes on original album cover art. John Scott conducts Graunke Symphony Orchestra.
Track Listing
01. Prelude 1:44
02. King Kong Lives - Main Title 2:31
03. Discovery Of Lady Kong 1:21
04. Back To Life 2:10
05. Kong Meets Lady Kong 4:00
06. Honeymoon Ridge 0:18
07. Footbridge Incident 0:30
08. Night Camp 2:46
09. Lady Kong Gets Gassed 4:13 
10. Leap Into The Rapids 2:31
11. Alligator Swamp 2:18
12. Chaos In A Small Town 2:29
13. Revenge On The Hunters 3:28
14. Kong Rescues His Lady 2:33
15. Kong's Final Battle 1:11
16. Birth Of Baby Kong And Death Of Kong 5:47
17. Return To Borneo And End Credits 4:25