King David - 2CD Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Carl Davies

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World premiere release of mammoth score composed by Carl Davis (The French LieutenantÕs Woman, Frankenstein Unbound, Champions) for the 1985 Biblical epic from Paramount Pictures. Actor Richard Gere gives a bravura performance as the lowly shepherd boy who ascends to the throne of ancient Israel in this compelling, thrilling Biblical saga directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Beresford. This panoramic drama brings David and his legendary Old Testament adventures to life, from his confrontation with Goliath to his self-destructive desire for Bathsheba. Supporting cast includes Edward Woodward as Saul, whose complex relationship with David is the catalyst for strife and conflict that threatens both kingdom and crown in this sweeping, exciting screen epic!
Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer, this 2-CD set (for the price of one) contains all the material conceived by Davis for the film, including several alternates (many involving choir). Davis adopted a bold and somewhat austere approach for his score, resulting in haunting, powerful music that is somewhat off the beaten path for Biblical epics. The score features many original source dances and songs as well as dramatic underscore. The album has been almost entirely mastered from original stereo masters, vaulted in pristine condition courtesy of Paramount Pictures; four cues (and one source dance) that were re-scored by Davis for the filmÕs final cut have been taken from the mono music stem. Although the master recordings of these cues have been lost, the original versions conceived by the composer are here and in full stereo. Package includes a 16-page full color booklet with liner notes by Frank K. DeWald.
Track Listing
1. Overture (1:41)
2. Rejection of Saul Ñ Part. I (1:23)
3. Main Title Ñ Revised (2:04)
4. Ritual of the Stones / David and Light (1:32)
5. Rejection of Saul Ñ Part. II / Saul, Why Hast Thou Rejected Me? (1:23)
6. Psalm I (The Lord of my Shepherd) (2:33)
7. Massacre of the Philistines (1:26)
8. David and MichalÕs Bedroom Scene (1:51)
9. Saul Confronts Michal* (1:26)
10. DavidÕs Farewell to Jonathan (0:42)
11. Ark of the Covenant (1:49)
12. Saul Rides to Nob / I Want These Priests Dead (1:16)
13. David in the Wilderness / Psalm II (2:52)
14. 8M2* (0:48)
15. Temple of DagonÑ Revised (0:54)
16. First Exodus / Second Exodus (1:19)
17. Saul Defies Nathan / PhilistinesÕ Chariot Charge (1:46)
18. How are the Mighty Fallen (Psalm III)* (3:03)
19. DavidÕs Entry Into Jerusalem (2:19)
20. 10M2* (0:45)
21. Bathsheba (1:31)
22. Model of the Temple / More Bathsheba (2:09)
23. Absalom Into Exile (1:32)
24. UriahÕs Wife / Massive Guilt / Model Temple (Thoughts of Absalom) / Is He Your Enemy? (2:56)
25. Joab Chases and Kills Absalom (2:06)
26. Death of Absalom / Destruction of the Temple (2:39)
27. End Title (3:46)
Stereo, except * taken from the mono stem

1. How Are the Mighty Fallen (Psalm III) (Alternate) (3:15)
2. The Priests (1:25)
3. Temple Dance (3:23)
4. David and MichalÕs Wedding Pocession* (1:19)
5. Bridal Procession (1:25)
6. DavidÕs Entry Into Jerusalem (Alternate A) (3:38)
7. DavidÕs Entry Into Jerusalem (Alternate B) (2:59)
8. 10M2 (Alternate) (1:25)
9. Henna Ritual (2:06)
10. GirlÕs Dance No. 1 (1:12)
11. GirlÕs Dance No. 2 (2:32)
12. The Lord is my Shepherd (Extended version) (2:54)
13. Main Title (Original version) (2:39)
14. Massacre of the Philistines (Alternate) (1:50)
15. David and MichalÕs Bedroom Scene (Harp solo) (2:26)
16. David in the Wilderness (Alternate) (1:23)
17 Temple of Dagon (Alternate) (1:26)
18. First Exodus / Second Exodus (Alternate) (1:25)
19. Bathsheba (Alternate) (0:57)
20. Absalom into Exile (Alternate) (1:32)
21. Joab Chases and Kills Absalom (Alternate) (2:04)
22. Slaughter of the Priests (0:45)
23. Battle Drums* (1:59)
24. Cymbals (Intro)* (0:49)
Stereo, except * taken from the mono stem