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Killer Nun - Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Alessandro Alessandroni

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Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to present yet another soundtrack from the video nasty age, guaranteed* to cause you harm and go out and murder and rape others, this time in the name of the lord. Corrupting your mind this time is Alessandro AlessandroniÕs score to Giulio BerrutiÕs nunsploitation classic KILLER NUN (aka SUOR OMICIDI). Anita Ekberg stars as Sister Gertrude, a member of the sisterhood who descends into shocking depths of homosexuality and drug addiction while shocking her little town. But while sheÕs undoubtedly deranged, is she guilty of murder?
Like the film, Alessandroni√ïs musical score is a strange one, opening with a religious choir and heavy piano notes. You might think that√ïs pretty standard for a movie like this, so Alessandroni starts messing with you by injecting some proto-hip hop beats with flutes and synth melodies. Things get stranger the further you get in as we have dissonant electronics that sound like chiptunes, funk beats, chilled electric guitar, and interludes of operatic vocals. And then there√ïs the amazing downbeat guitar piece that sounds straight out of a spaghetti western. It√ïs mad and it shouldn√ït work √ê but you can probably say that about a movie called KILLER NUN anyway. This ain√ït your normal convent! First time ever on vinyl and includes 3 tracks never before heard or released from the beat records Archive. Pressed on Red and Black colour in colour vinyl housed inside a 425gsm reverse board sleeve with spot varnish and obi strip. Includes an exclusive lobby card.

Track Listing
Side A
1. Sequence 1,
2. Sequence 2,
3. Sequence 3,
4. Sequence 4,
5. Sequence 5,
6. Sequence 6,
7. Sequence 7.
Side B
8. Sequence 8,
9. Sequence 9,
10. Sequence 10,
11. Sequence 11,
12. Sequence 12,
13. Sequence 13