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Killer Force/The Corrupt Ones - Complete Scores - Georges Garvarentz

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Presenting on the same CD, two original motion picture soundtracks composed by Georges Garvarentz: Killer Force (The Diamond Mercenaries) directed in 1976 by Val Guest (The Day the Earth Caught Fire, Casino Royale) and The Corrupt Ones (The Peking Medallion) directed in 1967 by James Hill (A Study in Terror, Born Free) and Frank Winterstein.
Shot in South Africa, Killer Force spans an international cast including Peter Fonda, Telly Savalas, Maud Adams, Christopher Lee and O.J. Simpson. The film tells the story of a complicated diamond heist from a local mine where insider Fonda is pursued by the relentless Savalas across the desert. GarvarentzÕs up-tempo, funky score includes a pumping chase theme across the dunes, a love theme and a campy disco tracks ÒThe Old Fashioned WayÓ (with lyrics by Charles Aznavour).
The Corrupt Ones stars Robert Stack, Elke Sommer and Nancy Kwan in a James Bond send-off taking place in the Far East. All three characters are in pursuit of the ultimate MacGuffin called The Peking Medallion. Part 007, part Indiana Jones, tons of fun. GarvarentzÕs music is spearheaded by the Dusty Springfield theme song entitled ÒThe Corrupt OnesÓ, also featured in lovely instrumental variations during the score. The release also includes addictive laid-back source music for the casinos and energetic action music for uncovering the artifact.
Both scores were previously released on LPs: we recreate the exact same programs, plus provide a little bonus for The Corrupt Ones. During the production of the CD, we came across an unlabelled tape that contained several cues not on the LP: the worthiest selections are included at the end as a bonus of previously unreleased music. 72 minutes of music, including 7 minutes of music never-before released. 8-page CD booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai.
Track Listing:
Killer Force (29:24)
1. Main Title (03:20)
2. Clair and Bradley (Love Theme) (03:10)
3. The Old Fashioned Way (02:34)
4. A Diamond Love (03:08)
5. Forget That Time (02:39)
6. Love Theme (03:10)
7. The Diamond Robbery (04:43)
8. I Will Love You Till I Die (02:37)
9. The Chase (02:28)
10. Love Theme (Reprise) (01:09)
The Corrupt Ones (43:02)
11. The Corrupt Ones (02:17)
Performed by Dusty Springfield
12. Suspense in the Sun (01:56)
13. Man Hunt (01:19)
14. Jasmine's Dance (02:23)
15. The Mortuary (03:00)
16. Suspense on the Embankment (02:40)
17. Cliff and Tina in the Palace (03:30)
18. Cliff and Lilli (02:55)
19. The Gambling Den (02:56)
20. The Bar (02:25)
21. Torture Room (02:28)
22. Treasure Cave (03:33)
23. Illusion and Escape (04:58)
24. Riksha Ride (01:18)*
25. Casino Fight (02:56)*
26. Finale (01:52)*
* Previously unreleased
TOTAL TIME ¥ 72:29