John Barry Collection - 4CD Boxset - John Barry

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John Barry is one of the best represented film composers on CD, but this four-disc collection outdoes everything that's come before with tracks from more than 50 film and TV projects. Of course there are the biggest names you'd expect. James Bond is acknowledged by 10 of the infamous themes and a couple of suites. There's the Western romance of Dances with Wolves, the sultriness of Body Heat, the jazzy highs at The Cotton Club and the encapsulation of the 1960s by The Ipcress File. But this collection's strength is in not just concentrating on well-known classics such as Born Free or The Lion in Winter. There's also smaller fare that rarely gets heard, such as The Dove, High Road to China, The Deep and also his "Romance for Guitar and Orchestra" from Deadfall. After four hours of listening to Barry's laid-back romantic style, you'll be in no uncertainty that all those other collections were justified. It's just a shame this didn't come first.
Track Listing
Disc: 1
1. Zulu
2. From Russia with love
3. From Russia with love - 007
4. Goldfinger
5. The Ipcress file
6. The knack
7. Mister Moses
8. Thunderball
9. The wrong box
10. Born free
11. The Quiller memorandum
12. You only live twice
13. The girl with the sun in her hair
14. Deadfall

Disc: 2
1. The lion in winter
2. On her majesty's secret service
3. On her majesty's secret service
4. Midnight cowboy
5. Midnight cowboy
6. The appointment
7. The last valley
8. Walkabout
9. Monte walsh
10. Diamonds are forever
11. The persuaders
12. Mary Queen of Scots
13. The man with the golden gun
14. The dove

Disc: 3
1. The tamarind seed
2. King Kong
3. Eleanor and Franklin
4. Robin and Marian
5. The deep
6. Hanover Street
7. The black hole
8. Moonraker
9. Somewhere in time
10. Raise the Titanic
11. Body heat
12. Frances
13. Octopussy
14. The cotton club

Disc: 4
1. High road to China
2. A view to a kill
3. Out of Africa
4. The living daylights
5. Dances with wolves
6. Dances with wolves
7. Chaplin
8. Moviola
9. Indecent proposal
10. The specialist
11. The scarlet letter
12. Cry the beloved country
13. Mercury rising
14. The James Bond theme