Jericho/The Ghostbreaker - Complete Scores - Jerry Goldsmith / John Williams

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Jericho was a WWII adventure series following three Allied specialists on secret missions throughout Europe. The theme and second episode were scored by Jerry Goldsmith in his military-suspense mode, replacing a theme by Lalo Schifrin who had scored the pilot. Goldsmith's theme and complete episode score are included on this CD, as are Schifrin's unused theme and a suite from his pilot score, significantly foreshadowing his music to Mission: Impossible.
The Ghostbreaker was a one-hour pilot starring Kerwin Mathews as a parapsychologist investigator; although foreshadowing such television series as Kolchak: The Night Staker and The X-Files, it did not proceed to a series.
The theme and pilot score to The Ghostbreaker were by none other than John (then "Johnny") Williams, who wrote a dynamite theme that compares favorably to his TV work for Irwin Allen, and a creepy score including harpsichord and solo soprano. The totality of Williams's score is included hereÑa forgotten jewel by one of the world's most famous composers.
The entire CD has been mastered from the original 1/4" monaural tapes. Liner notes are by television authority Jon Burlingame and Williams expert Jeff Eldridge.
Track Listing
#01. Soundtrack - Main Title 1:07
#02. Soundtrack - A Jug Of Wine, A Loaf Of Bread, And Pow! 10:58
#03. Soundtrack - Upbeat And Underground 8:49
#04. Soundtrack - Dutch And Go 4:40
#05. Soundtrack - Have Traitor, Will Travel 2:32
#06. Soundtrack - The Big Brass Contraband 3:41
#07. Soundtrack - Wall To Wall Kaput 2:09
#08. Soundtrack - Eric The Redhead 5:35
#09. Soundtrack - One For The Mountain 3:18
#10. Soundtrack - Two For The Road 4:51
#11. Soundtrack - Four O'Clock Bomb To London 4:31
#12. Soundtrack - Alternate Main Title 0:51


#13. Soundtrack - Main Title 1:01
#14. Soundtrack - Teaser 3:41
#15. Soundtrack - Act I, The Spooked Skyscraper Strikes Again 2:10
#16. Soundtrack - Men Of Unitran 1:45
#17. Soundtrack - Act II, Accent The Supernatural 3:01
#18. Soundtrack - Greensleeves 1:25
#19. Soundtrack - Act III, Don't Trip Over Diablo 3:58
#20. Soundtrack - Organ Piece 2:33
#21. Soundtrack - Act IV, To Outspook A Spook 6:25
#22. Soundtrack - End Credits 0:50