Jenifer / Pelts - Complete Score - Claudio Simonetti

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Finally, here it is! the complete scores to Dario Argento's contribution to the Masters Of Horror series, Pelts & Jennifer. Once again scored by the maestro himself, Claudio Simonetti a regular addition to Argento's work for many years. This CD contains the complete scores for both episodes, again showcasing why Simonetti is still a legend in writing dramactic & thematic music within the horror genre.
Track Listing
1. JeniferÕs Lullaby
2. Saving Jenifer
3. At the Police Station
4. Frank Comes Home
5. Memories of Violence
6. Frank and Jenifer
7. Jenifer Goes to Bed
8. Walking in the Night
9. The Bite
10. Jenifer
11. Jenifer Seduces Frank
12. Making Love
13. Jenifer Meets Amy
14. Back Home
15. At the Circus
16. No More, Jenifer!
17. Inside the Freezer
18. Escape from the City
19. FrankÕs Desperation
20. Jenifer Looks Out of the Window
21. Frank spyed by Jenifer
22. Terror in the Forest
23. Dragged into the Forest
24. Jenifer Medley (End Titles)
1 Pelts (Main Theme)
2. Trapped Raccoons
3. Maddened by Pelts
4. Sweet Death Harmony
5. Killing Dad
6. Discovering the Pelts
7. Suspence in the Laboratory
8. Face in the Trap
9. Pelts in the Car
10. Suicide in the Car
11. Chinese Theme
12. The Old Witch
13. Sewing Up Her Face
14. Madness in the Dark
15. Raped for a Pelt
16. Death in the Elevator
17. Sweet Death Anatomy (Solo Voice)
18. Pelts (End Titles)