Jaws - Original Score -(Black Vinyl) - Limited Edition - John Williams

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While heÕd already won one Oscar and had been scoring films for quite a while, Jaws was the film that broke John WilliamsÕ career. SpielbergÕs film is still a masterpiece of tension, almost unparalleled, with a deft hand that transforms the film from nail-biting terror to unbridled adventure. It stands up there with The Exorcist as an example of Hollywood horror that can not only keep up with the rest of them, but overtake as well.
Track Listing
Side A
1.Main Title  02:12
2.Chrissie's Death 01:39
3.Promenade (Tourists On The Menu) J 02:45
4.Out To The Sea  02:25
5.The Indianapolis Story  02:24
6.Sea Attack Number One  05:24
Side B 
1. One Barrel Chase  03:04
2.Preparing The Cage  03:23
3.Night Search  03:28
4.The Underwater Siege  03:31
5. Hand To Hand Combat  02:31
6.End Title 2:17