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Jaws - Expanded Score - Re-Recording - John Williams

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Peter Benchley's bestselling novel about the sobering impact of shark attacks on a New England beach town's tourist season gave director Steven Spielberg the perfect opportunity to craft a suspenseful action-drama. An immediate blockbuster upon release in 1975, the movie is being hailed as a classic 25 years later. This re-recording by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra presents a new listening experience under Joel McNeely providing a beautiful sounding and often impressive version of the score.
Track Listing
1. Main title
  2. First Victim, The
  3. Empty Raft, The
  4. Pier Incident, The
  5. Father And Son
  6. Alimentary Canal, The
  7. Ben Gardner's Boat
  8. Montage
  9. Tug On The Line, A
  10. Into The Estuary
  11. Out To Sea
  12. Man Against Beast
  13. Quint's Tale
  14. Brody Panics
  15. Barrel Off Starboard
  16. Great Chase, The
  17. Three Barrels Under
  18. From Bad To Worse
  19. Quint Thinks It Over
  20. Shark Cage Fugue, The
  21. Shark Approaches, The
  22. Shark Hits The Cage, The
  23. Quint Meets His End
  24. Blown to Bits
  25. End Title