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Jason Vorhees - 1/6th Scale Figure - Friday The 13th Part 3 - Limited Edition - Slideshow

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Sideshow are proud to introduce the Jason Voorhees 1:6th Scale Collectible Figure. This representation of Jason is taken directly from Friday the 13th Pt. III, where the now ubiquitous hockey mask was first introduced. Rarely has an element from the horror genre crossed over into the mainstream consciousness as much as JasonÕs fearsome mask and the artists at Sideshow have brought it to life once again.
The1:6th scale figure features a unique body - with a fully sculpted torso and arms, a detailed multi-piece hockey mask portrait, axe and machete with blood details, expertly tailored costume, and two sets of interchangeable hands.

  • A unique larger Jason body with newly sculpted textured torso and arms as seen in Friday the 13th Part III
  • Detailed multi-piece hockey mask portrait 
  • Axe with blood details
  • Machete with blood details
  • Two sets of hands 
  • Detailed multi-part farm boots
  • Finely Tailored costume with dark green two pocket button shirt, white undershirt, and grey trousers
  • Figure display stand with Friday the 13th Part III logo