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Jagged Edge - Original Score - Limited 1000 Copies - John Barry

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Our Encore editions usually stick to the original track list and running order, but Jagged Edge never had individual track titles. And now it does! Plus we have remastered it and re-sequenced it for an all-new listening experience. There wasn√ït any additional music, so we couldn√ït offer this as a Deluxe Edition, however, we have really shined up this Jagged Edge. A beautiful, bittersweet John Barry love theme along with some atypical suspense music are hallmarks of this very distinct entry in Barry√ïs legendary filmography. 
 A grisly homicide √â a sensational trial √â a forbidden affair. It's Jagged Edge, a razor-sharp suspense thriller about crime, punishment and passion. Jeff Bridges is the prime suspect and Glenn Close plays the attorney who falls in love with him. When a San Francisco socialite is viciously murdered, her publisher-husband, Jack Forrester (Bridges), is accused of committing the crime. Teddy Barnes (Close) decides to defend the charming, manipulative Jack, only to disregard legal ethics by having an affair with him. With the help of private eye Sam Ransom (Robert Loggia), she takes on a ruthless D.A. (Peter Coyote) who's using the case as a political stepping stone. However, a startling revelation puts Teddy in jeopardy of becoming the next victim of the Jagged Edge.

 Limited Edition of 1000 copies

 Track Listing
 1. Main Title (3:53) 
 2. Burial At Sea (1:37)
 3. Henry Stiles Is Dead (1:15)
 4. Jack And Teddy At Murder Scene (2:15)
 5. Love Theme (3:57) 
 6. Teddy√ïs Betrayal (Alternate) (1:02)
 7. [Unused] (1:54)
 8. Bobby Slade Confrontation (2:24)
 9. Waiting For The Verdict (:40)
 10. Freedom And Typewriter (1:51)
 11. Jack Calls (1:16)
 12. Bye Sam (1:48)
 13. End Credits (3:35)