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HerrmannÕs score for ItÕs Alive represents the epitome of his succinct style. The music evolves from short, mostly conjunct motives (usually only 2Ð5 notes), repeated sequentially. There is little in the way of extended melody. The orchestration is also typical for Herrmann: an unusual ensemble consisting of 6 clarinets, 8 French horns, 6 trumpets, 6 trombones, 2 tubas, 2 harps, Moog synthesizer, electric bass guitar, organ and percussion. The only string instrument is a solo viola dÕamore, a Baroque-era instrument that the composer previously used for On Dangerous Ground and one of his Twilight Zone episode scores.
This CD features the premiere release of HerrmannÕs nearly complete score (only one five-second cue is missing), mastered from a set of __ monaural tapes in the Warner Bros. vaults. (No stereo masters survive.) FSMÕs 16-page booklet, designed by Joe Sikoryak, includes a detailed, perceptive essay on film and score by Jeff Bond and Frank K. DeWald.

Track Listing
It’s Alive (Main Title) 2:09
The Delivery/Something Small 3:39
I’ll See You In the Morning/The Father Returns Home/Cry Baby 4:10
Murdered Boy/Getting Ready for Fishing Trip/The Milkman Goeth 3:35
Frank Visits Basement 1:07
Raid on the School 1:01
Davis Arrives at School/Something in the Room 1:30
Your Kid Goes Here 0:59
Two Policemen/Another Victim 2:12
Frank Refrigerates the Milk 0:41
Restless Night/Where’s Lenore?/Someone’s Thirsty 3:33
Where’s Chris or Someone? 1:30
Empty Fridge/Father Stalks Baby 2:22
Father Continues Search 0:48
Father Searches for Baby 2:35
Charley’s Dead 1:23
The Big Search 1:16
More Searching/Frank Waits 1:24
Still More Searching/Police Pick Up Mother 1:11
Father and Child/Father Protects Child 2:57
Father Runs With Child/Father Keeps Running With Child 1:54
Kill It/Sad Reunion/End Title 1:49
Total Time: 44:45

Bonus Tracks
Restless Night/Where’s Lenore?/Someone’s Thirsty (alternate) 3:20
Father Continues Search (alternate) 0:42
Total Time: 4:06
Total Disc Time: 48:58

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