Islands In The Stream - Expanded Score - Limited 5000 Copies - Jerry Goldsmith

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Unreleased at the time of the film, the score was re-recorded by Goldsmith for Intrada Records in 1986 (during the scoring sessions in Hungary for SchaffnerÕs Lionheart); all previous CDs feature the 1986 re-recording. FSMÕs CD premieres the original soundtrack as recorded for the film itself in 1976 on the Paramount Pictures scoring stage with a 64-piece orchestra. (The Òboat chaseÓ music not included on the Intrada recording makes its debut here.) The booklet includes a brief note from Botnick, plus the usual in-depth FSM background essay and detailed track commentary by Jeff Bond and Alexander Kaplan. Islands in the Stream is Jerry Goldsmith at the very height of his powersÑa classic of film scoring that, once heard, cannot be forgotten.
Track Listing
Main Title 3:19
The Boys Arrive 3:02
Pillow Fight 1:12
Is Ten Too Old? 4:09
Night Attack 3:22
The Marlin 11:54
The Boys Leave 2:53
The Letter 3:28
How Long Can You Stay 3:10
I CanÕt Have Him 2:44
The Refugees 4:27
EddieÕs Death 4:39
It Is All True 5:18
Total Time: 53:17