Invasion USA - Complete Score - Jay Chattaway

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World premier of complete original soundtrack to Joseph Zito actioner with Chuck Norris blowing up bad guys, Richard Lynch blowing up good guys. Jay Chattaway approaches movie with abundance of dynamic action. Composer also leaves room for suspense, even a reflective moment or two. But action still gets the spotlight! Interesting thematic structure: main melody begins as stark, diatonic line for unison brass, then breaks into heroic idea with major-key harmonies in tow. Also of interest: Chattaway uses then-new digital delay device throughout score, allows variety of orchestral motifs to play then reverberate in dramatic fashion. Opening three-note "thump thump thump" motif just one of many reverberating highlights. Entire score re-mixed, re-mastered from original multi-track session masters for superb, punchy stereo sound. Colorful booklet even offers a few comments by composer Chattaway. Jay Chattaway conducts
Track Listing
01. Opening/Refugees and Main Titles (6:43)
02. Swamp Night (3:53)
03. RostovÕs Dream (2:46)
04. Airboat Armada (5:40)
05. Flares (2:11)
06. The Landing (2:33)
07. Suburbia Exploded (3:25)
08. Cubans Shot by Cops (3:58)
09. Matt Pulls a Knife (2:11)
10. Kidnap Chase (5:21) 
11. National Guard Mobilized (6:10)
12. Bus Bombing (3:44)
13. Amusement Park (2:09)
14. MattÕs Arrest (1:22)
15. Military Display (1:42)
16. American Forces (4:02)
17. Officers Invaded (1:20)
18. The Trap (1:13)
19. Matt Stalls (1:39)
20. Show Down & Finale (7:21)
21. End Credits (3:13)