Innerspace -Expanded Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Presenting the world premiere score-only release of renowned composer Jerry GoldsmithÕs (THE OMEN, PATTON, BASIC INSTINCT, GREMLINS) original score to the beloved 1987 Warner Bros. sci-fi/action-adventure/comedy INNERSPACE, starring Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan and directed by Joe Dante. GoldsmithÕs classic mix of synth and orchestra finds the perfect pitch of suspense, adventure and romance to propel DanteÕs wonderfully off-beat genre mash-up. Produced by MV Gerhard and Mike Matessino, and remastered by Mike Matessino from WB vault elements, this definitive release of INNERSPACE features more than 50 minutes of previously unreleased music, and includes exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Dan Goldwasser and Jeff Bond (with new interview comments from Joe Dante and others). Limited Edition of 3000 Units
Track Listing
Main Title 2:15
Take Him Home/Broken Toe 1:48
Tell Me About It 2:17
State of the Art/The Charge 6:55
Gas Attack 4:52
The Injection 2:12
The Hand/Fat Cells 1:00
Woman in Red 2:36
What Is It? 1:09
Optic Nerves 4:00
Take It Easy/ItÕs True 2:18
No Messenger 2:41
No Pain 1:57
User Friendly 1:40
A Close Look 1:34
The Cowboy 1:00
Hold It 3:42
For the Money/A New Man 3:39
How Do I Look?/Save It 1:45
Transformed 3:02
Retransformed 2:52
Where Am I? 2:12
The Womb 4:39
Fair Exchange 2:05
Stop the Car 5:58
Out of the Pod 3:55
Disengage 3:00
No Red Lights 1:18